Woodrow Wilson High School believes that students are entitled to a broad education matching with their abilities and aspirations. This will give them a base from which they can cope with problems that may arise, earn a livelihood, develop good health habits, and use leisure time intelligently. Our belief is to recognize the value of human dignity, accept individual differences, and promote mutual respect among students, teachers, and administrators.

Woodrow Wilson High School should provide the opportunity for a quality education by having competent administrators, teachers, guidance personnel, and curriculum that will meet the needs of a changing society and global experiences.

A variety of current teaching methods should be provided to bring about the student’s fullest self-realization according to his or her potential and worthwhile life goals. We will strive to provide up-to-date, well-kept facilities and equipment. Academic and vocational awareness should be provided at early stages of the high school education, as well as extra-curricular activities pertinent to the interests of students.

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