The mission of Woodrow Wilson High School is to prepare students to be lifelong learners that are critical, independent and innovative thinkers, who possess the technology skills to become responsible, productive citizens in a global society.


The vision of Woodrow Wilson High School is educational excellence in a learning environment that is free from harm, humiliation, and harassment. All students will be accountable to high expectations from the community, the staff, their parents, and themselves. Each student shall know that there is an adult who cares about him or her as a person and a student, whether it is a mentor, teacher, administrator or parent.

The guidance area will maintain an open-door policy. The guidance personnel will support all students in preparing for post-secondary education that meets their individual career goals (i.e., 2-year or 4-year colleges, technical school, or other job-specific training). Discipline and order will be encouraged for the good of all in order to focus on quality education. The total program will be a “whole-child” approach, recognizing that problems in other areas that impact academic performance. The goals established with input from students, parents, staff and community provide positive motivation for high student achievement. These include teaching methods and diversity in learning styles that are varied and oriented to the needs and abilities of the individual student. Our curriculum content will be challenging and goal-oriented, and applicable to real-life problems and opportunities.


High expectations and a challenging curriculum are designed to prepare graduates to function successfully in our society and a global market economy. All parties, as well as a readiness to engage in this comprehensive and challenging program will demonstrate mutual respect. Students will show pride in school, self and community. They will work toward individualized goals to achieve personal-social growth, academic learning, and career development. They are expected to demonstrate a positive attitude and a motivation to succeed.

Our goal is a 100% graduation rate followed by 100% of graduates participating in post-secondary training or education. The attendance rate will be 100%, and all students will grow into productive, contributing, and respected citizens.

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