About Us

Woodrow Wilson High School is a historical school filled with pride, tradition and excellence. This institution of learning is a cornerstone of the community with a focus of being a school of choice for the students and families. This vision of a school of choice is based on three important components: rigorous academics, school climate and culture and partnerships. The team of Woodrow Wilson High School will provide every student with academic readiness, which begins in the classroom with rigorous instruction. The climate and culture of the school is the responsibility of everyone. As a team we must create and sustain a school where teaching and learning is maximized in a welcoming, safe and inclusive environment for every student, staff member and parent. Finally, educating our students requires the engagement of the entire community. Community engagement is essential in the preparation of our students to be successful contributing members of our global society.
About Us

Woodrow Wilson High School is a public high school located in East Dallas, Texas (U.S.). Woodrow enrolls students in grades 9–12 and is a part of the Dallas Independent School District (DISD). It is located adjacent to the Junius Heights historic district.

As one of the best schools in the city, we foster lifelong learners through exemplary programs and rigorous learning environments.

100 South Glasgow Drive, Dallas, TX 75214
100 South Glasgow Drive Dallas, TX 75214
School leader: Mr Michael Moran

(972) 502-4401