So, what are the top 5 rules for high school?

1. Punctuality

Being on time doesn’t mean breezing through the door right as the bell sounds. It means being at your desk and ready to go when class begins.

2. No smartphones, tablets, or other personal devices

All personal electronic devices should remain in your locker during the day, only to be used between classes.

3. No Food or Drinks

Eating and drinking should be reserved for lunchtime and breaks between class. (However, exceptions should be made for students with medical needs.)

4. Attend to Personal Needs Before Class

Use the restroom or stop at your locker before class to avoid causing disruption for your fellow students. Hall passes are limited, so please do not ask for a pass unless you have a true emergency.

5. Bring Required Materials Every Day

Unless you have been instructed otherwise, come to class prepared with all of the required materials you were advised to bring at the beginning of the school year. Do not interrupt the teacher or other students to ask to borrow items you forgot to bring to class.