I feel like I’m working so hard in high school for nothing.


I was a little nervous at posting since I feel like everyone is going to think Im exaggerating and ungrateful but here it goes. Background info: I’m currently a junior in highschool. I’m Hispanic, and come from a low-income family. I’ll be the first one in my family to graduate from college. I’ve always loved school. Ever since I was little I knew I wanted to go to a good college and help my family. I did well for most of my school life. I was accepted into a middle school that helped low-income students in getting into the best high schools in the state. The middle school had a rigorous curriculum and most students dropped out because they couldn’t handle the pressure. The school was from 7 to 5 PM. I did well and graduated with mostly A’s with a few B’s. I was accepted into my first choice highschool in which I receive SO MUCH financial aid plus books and transportation to school. The school is an hour away which means I have to wake up very early in order to reach my bus stop. If I miss the bus I can’t go to school, which was already happened once. I return home in the evening. I don’t even relax after school. I do homework, eat, shower, than sleep.

Currently I am doing so bad at the school that I think have a GPA of less that 85%. I won’t be surprised if I’m at the bottom 20% in my school. My school has honors and AP classes, however if you want to take honors or AP, you have to apply. I have applied many times to honors and AP classes but i have never been accepted into one which is embarrassing when everyone around me believes that I take all advanced classes. It’s embarrassing when everyone around you has taken at least one honors class except you. It took me till junior year to make friends and even then i feel lonely. I wasted my entire freshman and sophomore year by myself studying for tests just to get a B-. I told myself why try to make friends when you can study, yet that made me miserable. I took the SATs and ACTs in the fall and my stats were very horrible. I did 70% better than other students in the test scores.

Do you have to go to college to be successful in life?

One of my dream schools was Uchicago, but I don’t have a chance anymore. It just hurts to know that you worked so hard at school since the age of 10 just to know you’ll never have a chance to get into your dream school. I feel like I wasted my time in middle school studying when I should’ve been having a fun time. I hate waking up to school very early . I hate being in the bus for more than an hour. I hate having to be at home by evening desiring to relax only to know that i still have homework to do. I hate my grades. I just hate…everything. I don’t regret applying to this school but the school stresses me out a lot. Dropping out and going to my public school isn’t an option to me because many people that I know will humiliate me for it and I just can’t throw away a lot of financial aid in the trash. The only thing working in my favor is affirmative action, my extracurricular activities, and the fact that I love humanities. The only excuse for my bad grades is that something occurred during my sophomore year but that’s about it. Currently I’m studying for the SAT and ACT to raise my scores a little. I honestly just want to graduate highschool by this point.

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  1. Don’t feel bad high school is not an accurate way to measure intelligence. You just can’t deal with the stress and pressure and that’s okay. You shouldn’t feel bad at all about not getting good grades as long as you pass your life will turn out fine. College matters more. You want to get good enough grades to get a job you’d enjoy the most. Money doesn’t matter nearly as much as society says it does.

  2. Everyone feels like school is a huge waste of time you forget most of the shit you learn in high school. if it didn’t affect your future and success everyone would dropout of school. I’m not saying high school is pointless I’m just saying its a lot more pointless than ppl think

  3. Also community college is really a smart play because the education is the same but it’s cheaper you can’t transfer half way through to change the name of the school on your diploma

  4. I can sort of understand what you’re going through. I am a mexican immigrant, first generation student, and also come from a very low income background and life in the poor side of town. I definitely struggled with thinking that I was working too hard al throughout my Junior year. When people say that Junior year is the worst, they really mean it. Now I’m a Senior and I am just about to graduate. I am my school’s Valedictorian with a 4.54 GPA, and although I’m proud of my accomplishment I had to sacrifice a lot to get here.

    When I first took the ACT I got a 23 then I got a 32 the second time I took it. A lit of times I felt like I worked too hard too but I recently got accepted into USC as a merit scholarship finalist. Keep I mind that admissions officers take into context the difficulty of your school when they evaluate your grades and overall performance.

  5. “The only excuse for my bad grades is that something occurred during my sophomore year but that’s about it.“

    No, your schedule is insane. If I remember correctly it’s like the schedule in South Korea, where 60% of the students reported suicidal ideation.

    you don’t have to enter indentured servitude just because of the money you were given. In what world is it normal to thrive when all you do is work, when that isn’t what you want to do?

    Is there another school you can transfer to, besides the public school? Does your school have a dorm you can move into?

    Its good to to have your eggs in different baskets, but you’ll never be able to fill up all baskets with eggs.

    consider cutting back on some of the more difficult classes, and focusing on a few, that way you can get a few honers and ap classes in your desired subject, as well as a higher GPA.

    “I took the SATs and ACTs in the fall and my stats were very horrible. I did 70% better than other students in the test scores“

    At least you better then that 70% of trash. JK. But sort-of-seriously, you don’t have to save the world, gain a noble peace prize, and found a field in Medicean. You need some perspective. Your already doing pretty well.

    And if you mean you did 70% better then your classmates, in your selective school, then honestly, what the frick-

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