Which countries have the best education system and why?


My friend wants to study in the best education systems countries. He has money so he can go anywhere. But he doesn’t know what to choose.

I guess maybe Finland has the best education system in the world. And also while Finland is doing many things right in education, they are also doing things outside the classroom that are affecting these test scores. Food assistance, health care and other support for families could have more to do with Finland’s achievement over the USA than anything in the actual school.


7 thoughts on “Which countries have the best education system and why?

  1. “the best education system” is of course quite a loose term, but Finland and Singapore are usually mentioned among the best due to their students’ success level and the way they run their schools.

    You can also check PISA and TIMMS scores by country in order to have a better opinion.

  2. I always wonder whether it’s the system that’s helping, or a culture that values academic achievement more with parents helping at home etc.

  3. Really you shouldn’t be looking at the whole system but rather specific schools. Sure the “best” education system has a greater chance of having great schools on average but from my experience, you still get a wide range from the top schools to the bottom. Locate a top school and go there.

    I’d also recommend refining what you mean by best. Do you mean the highest achievement on tests? Highest accrument of advanced degrees? Percentage who attend university? Percentage who move up socially and economically?

  4. For which level of study? Degree?

    If the latter then your friend should decide what they want to study and go from there. Certain universities will be renowned for particular subject ie. Social Sciences at the LSE, Computing at MIT, History at Oxford.

    They also need to think about what they can afford to spend on fees and living expenses, also their language skills (most of the very best Universities teach in English), the lifestyle available in the country/city where the University is etc. Etc

  5. what does ‘best’ mean?

    many countries do not really have an education system (singular). Take the US as an example – almost everything is determined a level smaller than federal one?

    Which level of schooling are you talking about? k-8 is a different world than higher ed

    which field?

    is their budget unlimited? are you talking absolute best or best value?

    what makes your friend think they’ll get accepted into the best institutions in the world (especially if they are unsure of which ones they even are?!)

  6. Heres an unpopular opinion:

    By whatever measure you choose, the top tiers systems will have more uniform ethnicity, not diversity.

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