The student activities program at Woodrow Wilson High School attempts to meet the academic, social, and physical needs of the students. Our effects are to make every student activity a learning experience and a positive experience for its student participants. Those students participating in the activities practice the skills necessary to function successfully in the community and everyday life.

This student activities program is the major means of fulfilling those objectives, which enhance regular classroom instruction. Typically, student activities are characterized by extensive student participation in both planning and carrying out these activities.

This student activities program planned to develop desirable social attitude in situations providing opportunity for individual, small group and entire school participation. It provides ample opportunity for development of understanding and cooperation among social and ethnic groups within the student body. The activities are conducted under the conditions that increase the likelihood of carrying over to out-of-school life.

Under competent guidance, students share responsibility for selecting and evaluating the activities and outcomes. In all activities, the development of democratic leadership and the development of cooperative attitudes are major objectives.


  • To promote academic excellence
  • To promote positive and social interaction among students
  • To increase student attendance
  • To reward student participation
  • To promote pride and school spirit among students by
    maintaining and developing school standards and traditions
  • To develop the student’s abilities to function as leaders and to participate as members of a group
  • To increase students ethnic awareness


Any student seeking or holding a student council or class office position must maintain a 2.5 average throughout the school year. Should any student in the office be suspended twice or be placed on non-credit status, they will relinquish their position for the balance of the school year.


The activities and clubs, which are presently organized, are listed below. Students wishing to join should listen for announcements of meetings or see the advisor(s). If you are interested in forming a new activity, consult with the Student Activities Coordinator as to procedures for charting your group.


African-American Club

Members of the organization student culture and take active part planning the African American History Month celebration.

AVA (Audio/Visual Aids) Crew

Members provide service to the school by assisting the classroom teachers in the showing of films, the taping of television programs, and the reproducing of information necessary for teaching.


Consist of color guards, drill team, flag bearers, majorettes, porn porn team and instrument players. Members participate in marching style activities at football games and community parades. Members perform at school concerts and assemblies throughout the school year.


Members lead the cheers during the Tigers at football games. basketball games, pep rallies and other competitions.

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Concert Choir

Members receive voice training and learn songs to be performed at various school functions and at community functions.

Drama Club

Members perform in several plays during the school year.

Elite Club

Membership is based on good attendance. Monthly members receive special gifts and are eligible for free tickets to school functions.

FBLA – Future Business Leaders of America

Members are given the opportunity to explore and to practice the American business enterprise system.

Freshmen Class

Officers of the freshmen class and all interested class members plan and organize activities for the freshmen class.

Gospel Choir

Members practice outside of school time and perform gospel music at school concerts and at various community functions.

Gamma Psi Sorority

Members are young ladies trying to make a difference, They participate in various functions and perform various types of community service.

Host and Hostess Club

Members are from Student Council, National Honor Society, JROTC, and Teen Pep class; they act as official greeters and escorts for visitors to our school.

IPLE Class

Members attend Model Congress, participate in voter registration drives, discuss local politics, and deal with societal issues facing the nation and the world today.

Jazz Band

Members perform jazz music at concerts, assemblies, an at various functions in the community.

Junior Class

Officers in the class and interested members organize and plan activities for the Junior class.

Knowledge Bowl

National Honor Society

Members who excel in academics; they are Committed to service; they hold leadership positions in the school and community.

Peer Mediation

Members are trained in mediating disputes among their peers. members mediate disputes between their peers.


Members are introduced to the fields of engineering and other science related careers through class work, field trips, and career guidance. Attendance at summer program is mandatory.


Members are students who are concerned about tobacco use among their peers and the community and make voice their opinions.

Senior Class

Officers in the class and interested members organize and plan activities for the Senior class.

Sophomore Class

Officers in the class and interested members organize and plan activities for the Sophomore class.

Stage Crew

Members perform valuable service to the school by performing various duties when programs are presented.

Student Government Association

Members take leadership roles in the activities of the school to foster school spirit and to practice good government. The SGA is the governing student body organization of the school.

Teen Pep

Members are seniors selected by application. Selection is based on leadership potential as displayed in an interview, Member receive leadership training through various exercises and activities.

Upward Bound

Members receive assistance in the academic, social and cultural development through Scholastic Achievement Test (SAT) preparation labs, college and cultural field trips, program dances, tutoring and career guidance program.

Wilsonian Stall

Members are provided with valuable experiences for future careers in journalism, members produce the school newspaper.

World Affairs Council

Members interact with students from area high schools to discuss issues affecting the world today. They meet with local and world leaders.

World Language Club

Members plan and organize cultural activities and programs of interest to the student body and to the community.

Yearbook Literary/Business

Members complete all tasks for producing the yearbook

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