Sender: Terri Pike
Posted On: 11/07/2007
Year: 70-71

The Majorettes

In the 70,s (69-73, There were Majorettes.(baton

twirlers). I was a majorette and I loved it. The first year in 1970, the WWHS Football didn't lose one single game. We were the best.I remember Linda, Kathy jones, me, Terri Pike, Tori, Barbara, and a few more I can,t remember. If anybody has the picture that was in the year book that year, Please send me that Picture?

I lost my yearbook years ago, and wanted to show it to my grandkids. Help, My favorite part of my past is missing. You can Scan and send the picture if you have it.

Thank You so very much.

Terri Pike Jacoby

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