The Camden City Board of Education is supportive of the concept that increased pupil time on academic tasks contributes to improved academic achievement. Woodrow Wilson High School is committed to the philosophy that all students should attend school everyday. The intent of our attendance policy is to reduce pupil absenteeism and to insure increased instructional time.

Attending class, reporting to class on time, completing all class assignments and developing an appreciation for the views and abilities of other students are essential component for achieving academic success. Missing a class may severely impede a student’s ability to master a subject because learning that is lost due to absence and/or tardiness can never be replaced.

Students must attend school regularly. Students are expected to attend class on their daily schedule. Absenteeism is monitored daily and may result in students being assigned to the Reinstatement program in order to receive credit for classes missed. Students may receive an “excused absence” from school for the following reasons:

  • illness of the student
  • death in the student’s family
  • quarantine
  • medical or dental appointment that cannot be arranged after school hours
  • religious holidays
  • legal/court appearances

Reports for an excused absence (not covered under excused absences) must be sent to the school before the absence. All other request for an excused absence is to be submitted to the homeroom teacher on the day of the student’s return to school i.e., note from parent/guardian, doctor’s note, court appearance, etc. The homeroom teacher will not accept the note after he third day past the student’s return.

Students returning to school after an illness of 3 days or more must bring a doctor’s note to the school nurse on the day of return.

Attendance Policy Definitions

  • Tardy: Not arriving at the set expected time. Any student not in school or class by the time the late bell rings (the last five minutes after the start of school or class)
  • Excused absence: Absence verified by parent, guardian, care taker, medical personnel, public servant (judge, probation officer, etc.) or school official
  • Unexcused absence/truancy: Absence that is not verified by the above parties listed in the definition of unexcused absences.
  • School excused-absence: Absence as a result of school sponsored activity (i.e. field trips, student participating in assembly programs or competition)
  • Cutting class: Unauthorized absence from a class

Cutting Class

Teachers and administrators will follow Board policy and procedures with regards to students cutting classes. No credit will be given for classes.

Unauthorized absences from class will be considered cutting and will be met with the proper disciplinary action. No credit will be given for classes missed because of cutting: he resulting “0’s will be factored into the student’s grade given by the teacher. Woodrow Wilson High School may impose sanctions against students who are constantly cutting classes.

Unauthorized absences from class will be considered cutting and will be met with the proper disciplinary action.


All students are expected to attend school punctually. Chronic lateness to school is a violation of State Law (N.J.S.A. 18A) which requires a student attend school regularly. Late students must present a note from a parent/guardian explaining the lateness. in the event of frequent lateness, parents will be asked to attend a parent conference. Students may be placed in detention as a result of chronic lateness and/or assigned community service.

Excessive unexcused or excused absences from school

Teachers may request an intervention if a student incurs 3 unexcused absences. The following interventions will occur:

After three (3) unexcused absences by the student, a warning letter will be delivered by the Attendance Officer noting a parent/guardian to contact the school for a conference.

After five (5) unexcused absences by the same student, a warning letter will be delivered by an Attendance Officer noting a conference with the Principal and Chief Attendance Officer.

After ten (10) unexcused absences by the same student, a legal notice will be served for action in Family Court.

Drop Out Prevention Officer/Guidance Counselor/Crisis Counselor (Tiger’s Lair) will also meet with the student to provide intervention from dropping out of school.

If a student has 3 unexcused absences from any class during one marking period, the teacher will contact the parent/guardian to inform then of the attendance problem.

Leaving school during the day

All students requesting to leave early MUST provide the administration with a note signed and dated by their parent/guardian PRIOR to leaving or the parent/guardian REPORTS to the Attendance Office and signs his/her child out. No student is permitted to leave school or the school premises during the day without having an early dismissal slip or permission from an administrator, signing out with the nurse or, being a part of an authorized work program, students who leave without permission will be considered unexcused from their class.

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If a student is absent from school and the absence is excused, the student is required to make u- missed work in each class. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain all make-up work from his/her teacher(s) immediately upon return to the class. Students with unexcused absences will not be provided the opportunity to make up missed work.

If missing work is not completed in a timely fashion, the mark is automatically a failure. Students who do not complete the work, they have missed, while absent in the prescribed time by their teacher may be subject to failing grades. Students are encouraged to get telephone numbers of several students in each class to remain current with class assignments that were due to absence. It is strongly recommended that students have “Study Buddies”.


Student Responsibilities

It is the STUDENT’S responsibility to:

  • Arrive to school and class on time with their books and materials ready to work everyday
  • Attend school regularly
  • Be aware of how attendance is affecting his/her grades and performance in class
  • provide a signed and dated note by parent/guardian stating a reason for being absent. The note must be signed by a parent/guardian.
  • Make arrangement to make up work from an excused absence within three days of the absence

Parent/Guardian Responsibilities

It is the PARENT/GUARDIAN’S Responsibility To:

  • Inform the school when their child is absent for school
  • Keep abreast of their child’s attendance
  • Encourage and promote good attendance with their child
  • Notify the school of any change in address (proper documentation must be presented) and or telephone number
  • Provide information to school regarding their child that impact on his/her attendance
  • Notify the school of any long term special absence of their child


The Camden Board of Education strives to ensure, guard and preserve the physical and mental health, safety and welfare of each student in the school and to establish and maintain an orderly environment, which is conducive to learning.

To achieve this, each student must conduct himself/herself maturely and with due regard for the educational purpose underlying all school activities. Whether on campus or participating in school sponsored activities, the discipline policy is in force.

Most students will determine that the best discipline is self imposed. With it, the students will learn to assume and accept responsibility and the consequences for misbehavior. When a student commits an offense or violates school rules, he/she must accept corrective disciplinary action by authorities or legal action.


Arrive to school on time.
Move quickly and quietly from class to class.
Keep to the right of the halls and staircases.
Obtain the appropriate pass to leave class.
No eating of food or chewing of gum in the class.
Keep building cleaning at all times.
Be respectful to everyone.
Carry your I.D. badge at all times.


The New Jersey State department of Education has issued a “Guide to Student Rights and Responsibilities” which outlines those rights and responsibilities, which have been decided in court decisions and rulings. As the state sends sufficient copies for distribution, they will be given to students who never received them.


Students that are under suspension or expulsion are not permitted on school district property or at school related functions/activities.

Students are required to notiFy a teacher or administrator when illegal items (e.g. drugs, alcohol, beepers/pagers, etc.) dangerous items (e.g. guns, knives, explosive devices or weapons) or other items banned from school are found in the school building, on campus, or on the school bus.)

School administrators and br their designated representatives have the authority to conduct a reasonable search of student and their possessions. Lockers, desks, personal effects (e.g. purse, bag, etc.)

A student is in possession of an illegal or prohibited item when found in or on the person of the student or in his/her personal effects, in his/her locker, or in the student’s vehicle on the school property or at any school function or activity off school property.


The homeroom teacher will assign each student a locker at the beginning of the school year. Lockers are on loan to students for storage purposes. The student assigned to a locker should be the ONLY student using the locker. Do not share your locker or give your combination to anyone.

Students are reminded that these lockers are their personal responsibility and must be kept clean and orderly – never deface in any way. Locker should be closed and locked when not in use. The school will not accept responsibility of personal articles left in lockers at the end of the year, Students are encouraged to leave valuables at home.

Specific times to use lockers BEFORE homeroom, BEFORE lunch and AFTER school. Students are not permitted to go to their lockers during class. Lateness to class because of going to your locker is not acceptable, and you will have to accept the consequences that your teacher assigns.

Gym lockers are not assigned in Physical Education classes. All gym lockers are on a first come first serve availability. Students may not be in the locker room without permission. All items must be removed from the gym lockers at the end of each class period. Books left in the locker room at the end of the school year will be regarded as “lost” if not turned in by the student to whom they were assigned.

Since having a locker is a PRIVILEGE, students who ignore rules/damage lockers will lose the right to a locker as well as assume responsibilities for repair of the damaged lockers. Any locker malfunction/damage should be immediately reported to the Student Activities Coordinator. After the designated time for removal of contents, all items remaining in the lockers will be discarded. The school will not accept the responsibility of personal articles left in locker at the end of the year. The school will not be responsible for any lock that has been cut off because the student has forgotten the combination.

Pursuant to NJSBAA.: 422, the administration reserves the right to search and seize when there is reasonable belief that some material or matter which is detrimental to health, safety and welfare of the student or students exist.

In accordance with Supreme Court, school authorities may search a locker if it is suspected of containing stolen goods, weapons, drugs or any item(s) that may endanger the health, safety or welfare of others.


No pass will be given out to a student during the first five minutes or last five minutes of class. Students who are in the hail during any class period must have an official pass issued by school personnel. Being in an unassigned area without a pass will lead to disciplinary action.


Loitering in the halls is not permitted and is subject to disciplinary action, repeated offenses may result in suspension. Students not actively engaged in an authorized school activity may not remain on school grounds after dismissal. Disciplinary action, including suspension may result as a consequence.


Smoking is strictly forbidden in any part of the school building, school grounds and on the school bus coming to or from school. Any student found smoking in any of these areas will be automatically suspended. Students may not have smoking materials in their possession.


Students are expected to dress appropriately for school. Attire must be neat and clean. It is important for you to know that as of September 1,2004 Woodrow Wilson will be a uniformed High School. Students are to wear uniforms with dignity and pride.

The official uniform for Woodrow Wilson High School will consist of the following:

Long Pants
Skirts — Knee length or longer
Jumpers — Knee length or longer
2 or 3 Button Golf Shirt
Shoes / Boots (Males & Females)

The following are examples of unacceptable attire worn during school hours:
Torn or dirty clothing
See through clothing
Excessively tight or form fitting clothing
Shirts or blouses with buttons open below the mid point of the chest
Midriff, halter and tube tops
Shorts which are more than 2 inches above the knee
Distracting attire including but not limited to the following:
Mini skirts, which are more than 2 inches above the knees
Tee-shirt, novelty tops, with profane expressions and illustrations or wording that may be offensive or inflammatory
Dark eyeglasses
Caps or hats in the building
Combs or picks worn in the hair
Beepers, pagers, or cell phones
Walkman radios, CD player headsets
Flip flops, bedroom slippers
Hair rollers
Trousers, skirts, or shorts worn in an offensive manner
Undergarments that are exposed are prohibited
No Large excessively large earrings, large gold, wooden, or synthetic necklaces or bracelets
No large studded belts, chains, or any jewelry that could be used as a potential weapon
No Hooded sweatshirts
No jeans of any color
No open toed shoes


The pregnant student must provide the nurse with a medical note stating the baby’s due date and all restrictions for the mother-to-be. Pregnant students may remain in the school until the planned delivery if a written note of a physician’s approval is presented to the school nurse after each medical visit. Students also have the option of attending regular classes at the Jerrothia Riggs Adult Education Center. A pregnant pupil who does not wish to attend regular class or who is physically unable to do so during her pregnancy may, at her doctor’s request, be assigned to a home instruction program. Upon rising complications, before or after the birth, a pregnant student should immediately request home instruction.


Woodrow Wilson High School prohibit sexual harassment from occurring among its employees and/or students or to its employees and/or students and will make efforts to prevent it from happening by advising its employees and students of it prohibition in handbooks and in purposeful training. The Camden Board of Education has orders that postings be prominently displayed of the board’s policy on sexual harassment: annual education of the particulars of the policy be enacted; procedures for reporting instances of sexual harassment be explained; and the name and telephone number of the Affirmative Action Officer to whom such behavior must be recorded, be prominently posted at each site.


In the event of an emergency closing, such as, due to inclement weather, the local TV and radio stations will read our emergency number 614. School will be delayed or closed as a safety precaution, when weather conditions make travel extremely hazardous or in the case of an emergency within a particular school. If the closing of the school becomes necessary, announcements will be made over the major radio stations. The school closing code used for Camden City Schools is 614.


The “Lost and Found” area is located in the Attendance /Discipline Office. Anyone finding any items, such as books, keys, wearing apparel, etc., should turn in the items. Students are encouraged to check there if they have misplaced any personal belongings. Lost books will be returned weekly to the department chairpersons. Students should ascertain that their names appear in all books that have been assigned to them for the school year. If the book is misplaced, you can then verify that it is indeed yours, if it is returned to the department chairperson.


For the safety and protection of all school personnel and students, it is important that everyone adhere to the safety procedures concerning visitors. Parents and guardians who wish to visit may do so by making previous arrangements through the principal’s office, through the discipline/attendance office or through the guidance office. All visitors must register as they enter the building through the front doors.


Any student still in school who wishes to apply for working papers must secure them from the Guidance department in room M-13. the following regulations are in effect:
The student must be at least fourteen
If the student leaves school or graduated before eighteen, working papers will be needed to cover each job until eighteen.


Based on a normal school year of 180 days, the Camden Board of Education requires a minimum of 162 days in attendance for a secondary student to earn course credit at the end of the year. Course credit will be denied any student with more than eighteen (18) days unexcused absences. Students who do not have the required attendance will not receive course credit and will jeopardize their graduation dates. Violating the district attendance policy will place a student in jeopardy of losing course credit for the school year, no matter that the grade of record is a passing grade.


Pursuant to New Jersey State Law, all school are required to have fire drills/emergency evacuations to ensure the expedient evacuation of buildings and to ensure the safety of all personnel in case of an actual emergency. When the fire alarms sounds please adhere to the following procedures: At the sound of the fire alarm, teachers will lead their class to designated positions of safety. Directions for evacuation is posted in each class room. Exit quietly and quickly. Students will remain with their classes and conduct themselves in a quiet and orderly fashion.


In case of illness or if you need to go to the nurse, you must secure a pass from your teacher or from an administrator. If the nurse feels that it is in your best interest, she will send you home after a call has been made to a parent/guardian/relative giving the school permission release you if you leave without permission, you will be considered ads cutting and will face appropriate disciplinary action.

Certified school nurses, doctors, parent/guardian are the only personnel permitted to administer medications in schools. Students should present written requests form parents/guardians for administration of medicine (Medications must be labeled by the pharmacy or physician). All medications must be kept in the nurse’s office.


The PAC program is designed to assist students in crisis situations through the utilization of specially trained staff members. PAC seeks to provide:
Information about, and networking with, existing social agencies in the community
Planned crisis in intervention through professional counseling in helping/team relationship
The elements necessary to improve student’s life coping skills.
Students skill interpreting acceptable and unacceptable behavior.
Students with the ability to recognize that each individual is responsible for, and has control over his/her own life as it relates to himself/herself and others.
Through its services, referrals and outreach, an improved learning environment and, where necessary, creation of a healthy learning environment.




Lunch is available for students ONLY at the ONE period designated on his/her schedule and identification badge. After finishing lunch, all students are required to clean up by placing all trash in the nearest receptacle. NO STUDENT IS ALLOWED OUT Of’ THE SCHOOL BUILDING DURING THE PERIOD. Students who choose to use the library during lunch period must report to the library during the designated time period. Students may not eat or drink in the library.

All students must return a lunch application , those students choosing not to apply will check the appropriate space on the form. State funding for our school district is dependent upon you returning these applications immediately and correctly.

To repeat, all students do not have to accept the lunch provided, but all students MUST submit a completed lunch application with the appropriate space signed: i.e. I wish to apply for the lunch or milk, or I do not wish to apply for the lunch or milk.


Free or reduced fare, bus tickets are available to those students who qualify. Students must first apply for the bus tickets to determine eligibility. Applications are available in the main office, on the counter as one enters the office, to be signed by the parent/guardian and returned to the main office.


Our school buildings and equipment cost the tax payers money. The tax payers also pay for the construction, purchase and maintenance. The parent/guardians of any student who injures any school property shall be liable for damages. The amount is to be collected by The Board of Education of the district in any court of jurisdiction, together with costs of suit. (Title 18A:37-3). Therefore, any student whom loses or damages school property will be required to reimburse the school for the loss or damages of the items. If you damage something by accident, report it to a teacher or an administrator IMMEDIATELY. We must all do everything we can to keep our school clean and pleasant: the appearance of the school is a reflection on all students and staff. Pick up after yourself toss trash in the proper receptacles; and refuse to get involved in graffiti writing on any school property.

Any student who shall deface or destroy any school property, shall be liable to suspension and the student shall be liable to the amount of damage. This is in record with the New Jersey State Laws 18A43-2, 18A-37-3, 18:a37-2.


The in-house suspension program is designed for the student who is having difficulty in the normal school setting. Students experiencing discipline problems of the non-violent nature are generally housed in the in-house suspension room for a specific period of time. Attitudinal adjustment is a prime factor during a stay in the in-house room. Students are not permitted to leave the room.

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