Mr. T. Richards, Principal
Woodrow Wilson High School



Ms. C. Buffaloe, Vice Principal
9thGrade Academy
Ms. E. Waring, Vice Principal

Social & Human Services;Performing Arts/Humanities

Mr. S. Parsi, Jr., Vice Principal
Academy of Fine & Business & Entreprenuership

Science, Technology, & Engineering
Ms. G. Brown, Vice Principal
Curriculum and Instruction

Mr. M. Hamilton
Athletic Director


Mr. E. Santos, Supervisor
Post-Secondary Readiness

Main Office 856-966-5300
Attendance Office 856-966-5299
Guidance 856-966-5227
Nurses Office 856-966-5297
Athletic Office 856-966-5299
Student Activities Coordinator 856-966-5299
Tigers Lair 856-966-4283
Schedulers Office 856-614-7827


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