Sender: Sha-Ron Tarte-Williams
Posted On: 04/03/2007
Year: 1994

The salt and flavor of Woodrow Wilson High School

The 4 years of my life at Woodrow Wilson High School is more then one chapter of my life. Through everything I went through both positive and negative has helped me towards my purpose in life. The 4 years I was at Woodrow Wilson there was one person I believe God had their just for me. She seen something in me that I did not see, nor my relatives did not see, she seen something more then what a natural eye could see. Ms. M. Carol Ellerbe was a teacher who had more then a passion to teach but a passion to push me and other students towards our destiny and purpose in life. She looked pass what we were and looked at where we were going. I was a teenage mother, I had my daughter when I was in the 12th grade, she pushed me to continue and press through to graduate (that is where my life changed forever). She played a major role in my life and helped me become the women I am today. She was the salt in Woodrow Wilson and a light to me.

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