Do I have to repeat a school year if I go to the US?


About 4 years ago me and my sister left the US to come to Bolivia, when I left I was in 6th grade. In Bolivia I finished 7th, 8th and 9th grade and now I’m in 10th grade, the plan was to go back when I finish 11th grade but my father wants me to go after I finish 10th, I was going to do it until I found out that there is a possibility that I have to repeat a year in the US because if I finish 10th and go to the US I would be 3 months behind, my father told me that I would just take an English test and continue the year but my sister’s friend told me that she needed to repeat a year when she got there.

Do I have to repeat a year? Or should I graduate here then go? Will it be harder for me to get into college if I graduate here? Please help me out, if you do not understand I will answer anything you ask.

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  1. You will work it out with the school. If you know the town you are moving to you can get in contact with the school guidance office before moving back and see how they will take your credits/transcript.

    There are no specific national rules about this, American schools run under state laws and then the school districts can decide after that. They may also give you other options to get the credits besides repeating an entire year if you ask.

  2. Depends on the school.

    At my high school (in the US) international transfer students still had to complete the graduation requirements.

    I had a few friends who had transferred from another school and had to retake/take classes from previous years to meet the requirements. In some cases it did mean taking an extra year and/or taking summer classes.

  3. Should I repeat a year in high school? Currently, I attend a British curriculum school and I’m coming to America to attend grade 10. Should I repeat grade 9 or go on with grade 10?

  4. Repeat the grade. So you get your phd a year later, no big deal.

    I went to an English school when I was in the seventh form. Most of my learning occurred through cultural shock. In America there are no school uniforms. You could wear more formal clothes as your are more comfortable wearing formal clothes for your formal education.

    The advantage is that you will be the oldest kid in class. Your brain will be more mature so you can think better, you understand the differences between boys and girls, you get a driver’s license first and turn 18 before your classmates. What is not to love?

    View your time to learn how American schools operate and their students think or do not think. Keep your British accent, you sound much smarter. Use the stereotype to your advantage.

    Try out for the school’s soccer team. An average English kid is probably better then the good American kid. The coach will drool hearing you talk. Ask the coach and captain if you can help with on field strategy, moving your teammates into better positions.

    Have fun in your ‘English’ class. Or how you will proclaim it ‘American’ class. You speak and spell The Queen’s English not this guttural ‘American’. If this is an English class, why am I reading this American author? Colour is spelled with a u.

    Also trust a native speaker, English is MY native language teacher, YOURS is American.

  5. No! Please don’t!

    I don’t know much about the American school system and only have limited knowledge of the ‘British’ school curriculum (mainly because it varies a lot depending on where you are).

    I was told once that if you redid a year in school you would never be able to go to university and that you would be stuck with a rubbish job. This of course is NOT TRUE! I have lived for about 5 years pitying people who redid a year and being absolutely terrified of repeating a year of school. So this might make me a little bit biased.

    The British and American curriculum will be different in terms of History and Geography (possibly Science and any sort of foreign language).

    That is not that big of a deal! This is because in History you will most likely never be tested on what you learned the years prior. Although you could potentially encounter quite a big problem with Geography if it is just American geography (I know that America pretty much only focuses on itself and that you don’t really learn about other countries in the curriculum).

    English and Maths are likely to be pretty much the same stuff as what you’ve already done (you could be a little behind or ahead depending on the area of maths/English) and if you haven’t done a certain thing then the teacher usually will always take time to explain it to you.

    I can’t really think of any other ‘important’ subjects (that’s my opinion, but if you think of one please add it in the comments and I will try to cover it in either a reply or an edit).

    Another reason why you shouldn’t redo a year is because you will likely have covered A LOT of the stuff they are learning (what if the curriculum at your old school is miles ahead of the one at your new school?).

    You will be in a class with people a year younger than you (I don’t actually know how old you are because we don’t use that system where I live). This might not be an issue for you, but please keep that in mind.

    Another MASSIVE issue that I would definitely be concerned about is, you would waste a whole year of your life studying (UGH!). I don’t hate school personally but you would graduate a year later, which means if you go to university you would graduate from that a year later.

    You would just waste a whole other year of your life in school, which in my opinion isn’t fun.

    You will most likely manage to catch up if you need to (which I doubt you will).

    What qualifies me to tell you to not redo a year in school? I have been to 5 schools (not counting nursery or kindie), only two of these schools had the same system (even then they weren’t identical). I have been in FOUR different systems, I get pretty good marks! I always managed to ‘‘catch up’! Three of these schools were french schools (my mother tongue is English, I speak English to my family) and I always managed to catch up!

    Please, please don’t redo a year!! I know that it sounds like I’m making a massive deal out of it, and maybe I am..but please, please don’t redo a year!!

    Sorry for any typos and sorry I didn’t format my answer better (I’m working on it!),

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