Are Americans really as uneducated


Why are Americans considered stupid by people all over the world? This is a genuine question I just have no idea and am curious. And then like based on other countries does America’s education system get measured the same way as other countries.

For instance, when it comes to geographic locations, culture, and politics Americans can be incredibly stupid. But on the other hand, American science and maths is among the best in the world. What do you think?

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  1. the United States is pretty geographically isolated from what many consider “the rest of the world.” There is also likely to be more interest in other countries the more they impact your daily life. This is why people know a lot about leaders, but leaders don’t know a lot about each of the followers. A similar concept applies with the introduction US currently being the most influential nation for better and worse.

  2. I think the stereotype comes more from our insular nature than anything else. We’re the fourth largest country in the world and we only border two others. We have a shared culture with both of them and we’re oceans away from everyone else. People can afford to be REAL ignorant of the outside world here.

  3. We, europeans, can clearly see what shitshow is going on right now. Especially in 2020. America is filled with 50% rednecks who think they still live in Wild West and it’s 1860. IQ lower than the room temperature (in celcius, like the rest of the world uses) . Shouting “TRUMP” “CORONA IS FAKE” etc. And other 50% filled with normal, educated people who try to be safe and secure. They educate themselfes, like the rest of the world. And knows what’s going on outside US.

    As an outsider you can clearly see what’s wrong there. Stubborn idiots with guns and their “rights”. They think they are the only country in the world who have “rights”… 😀

    So yeah, a little thought.

  4. Americans unfortunately get more attention than other countries because it is a very influential and powerful country. I have lived in both the US and China, and the average Chinese person has the same IQ as the average American. 70 percent of the human population have the same IQ, geniuses are rare. We are all stupid compared to Einstein.

  5. America holds the dumbest smartest people in the world. Why are Americans so dumb you ask? It’s very simple. they’ve been bread to be easily manipulated, easily coerced and democrats have been brainwashing them for decades…

    what causes them to be so stupid?

    social media is the biggest problem.
    enemy countries to America have created social platforms which do nothing but cause severe mental illness in kids and adults alike. The enemy countries know this so they made sure to ban it in their own country. Other countries banned it to because they aren’t stupid and they don’t want their population brainwashed to be sissified, have mass mental illness and call mental illness choices.

  6. It’s actually a trickier question to answer in an informed manner than you would initially think.

    There are so many variables to consider that I’d argue it’s incredibly subjective. You’ll find groups and institutions will try to measure this by combining different evaluations (literacy rates, graduation rates, standardized test scores, etc.). But those measurements all have bias in them and testing can vary so wildly as you hinted at (for instance, are you testing knowledge or analysis skills?). And is how you do on a test even a fair estimate of a person’s level of education?

    You can also look at outcomes, including accomplishments like landing on the moon. But is the U.S. the hegemonic world power because we are so educated and technologically advanced, or is it because of our might (military or economic)?

    I have on occasion taught English as a Second Language and one thing you learn quickly is not to assume a student is uneducated or illiterate simply because they are from X country. I guess I’d argue it’s the same with Americans – don’t fall for the silly stereotypes people use. Are there really Americans who treat education as a disease? Yup. But there are also a lot of brilliant ones out there and they’ll happily roll right over people who underestimate them.

  7. I’m an average Joe American. I grew up lower middle class and am currently lower middle class. I just accept that different Americans have different educational backgrounds, interests and levels of intelligence. I’m well versed in geography and random history facts (only because I have an interest in travel and love reading about different histories), but anytime a friend wants to talk about obscure, indy rock bands they always act like I’m uneducated and almost seem embarrassed for me when I admit that I’ve never heard of a particular folk or rock band lol.
    But, yeah, I read Reddit comments made by Europeans all the time that indicate that they think Americans are borderline mentally challenged, obese, and all own guns. And then, Americans from larger cities or from the coasts will have the same superior attitude about other Americans from rural areas or different regions. And then you’ll see two rival high schools in the same county feeling smug about the other. Maybe humans are just programmed to always think they are superior to others?

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