Sender: Vannni Thach
Posted On: 05/27/2009
Year: 2008

Remaining a Tiger

I still walk around the campus as if I have never left, wandering, thinking if the chipped paint and hideous gates engulfing Woodrow Wilson High School still resembles a haven for those who want a better future. I stare at the school that I called my own (the home of the mighty tiger), remembering the immature years where mistakes symbolized growth. Now, the grass is overgrown, the cement eating its way into the crevices of the last greens, and the students and teachers I’ve once been familiar with are gone.

It’s a mere memory, disheveled from the dusty hues of ugly black news that revisit my life more often than not. The ghetto, scum of the earth-- I’m reminded where I am from, though my high yellow skin and tight eyes would never resemble a child who, in all my American life, has lived in this poverty-stricken community; yet it’s true.

The grime of Camden made me strong, pumping blood to my legs so that I walked the distance to college. Determination has helped me leave Camden and succeed in my endeavor to become better, the best that I could be. Age and responsibility has brought me back to my home as I prepare to assist Camden’s investment—the students.

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