Posted On: 01/11/2008
Year: Sept. 1995 - June 1999

Keep Your Head Up!

This is a memoir to all of the students who don't quite fit in.

I was a little awkward when I started WWHS because I was very mature for my age. I knew what my parents expected of me, therefore, I did not go to school to play around or goof off. Everyone looked at me as being stuck up because I did not do the most popular kids did (i.e. disrespect teachers, cut class, roam the halls) I remember not knowing where to go for lunch because no one really wanted to hang with me and the people that did had a different lunch. It was hard standing on the principles that me parents had taught me because it seemed that no one had what we call "strict parents" (i.e. parents that are accountable for their childern).

I wrote all of this to say that it is okay for you to do the right thing even though it may not be popular. It is okay to stand out amongst the crowd. It is in your best interest to stay true to who you are. People are always going to have an opinion whether they truly know you or not.

My hard work paid off! I graduated in the top 2 of my class. I went to Rowan University and graduated in four years even though I got pregnant during the summer right before my final year. (Please don't take this as an acceptance of premarital pregnacies.) I'm just saying don't let anything stand in your way of succeeding whether it be a teenage pregnacy, low income, no parental support, etc. I now have a good paying job giving back to my community.

You can be successful even though you may live in Camden, do not let anyone tell you any different. I am proud to say that I went through the Camden school system because my life proves that people can be successful, inspite of what people say about Camden.

Keep your head up!

Speacial Thanks To:

Mrs. Alton Wallace (Home Economics)

Mrs. M. Carole Ellerbe (Phys. Ed.)

Mr. G. Carpenter (Art)

Ms. Rodriguez (English)

Mr. Murray (Phys. Ed.)

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