Sender: Tylisha Lewis
Posted On: 03/16/2007
Year: 1993-97

An Angel

Wow! I was just browsing and Dawn I agree with you 100%, this site is great! Anyhow, The angel I'm speaking of is Mrs. M. Carol Ellerbe. I was raised in the church like many people, sang in the church choir and everything. My problem was that I retained information, as oppose to learning and understanding the WORD. One day, I arrived at school early. When I walked through the front door, I immediately stopped in my tracks; there was this amazing sound coming from the auditorium. After asking around, I was informed that was THE Woodrow Wilson Gospel Choir directed by Mrs. Ellerbe. I found out how I could join and did just that. Mrs. El (that's what we call her) is an amazing woman. She may not know this, but she placed a positive spend on my life. If it weren't for that choir and Mrs. El's constant support and touh love, I don't know where I'd be. Being in that choir gave me the righteous understanding I needed. That's why as soon as I heard they reunited, I started rehersal. It's a great feeling to belong to something so positive, inspirational, and spiritually uplifting. I thank God for Mrs. El and her annointing. She is truly one of God's Angels!

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