Sender: Scott Boddie
Posted On: 03/08/2006
Year: 1986-1988

Thank You

There wasn't any one special single event, but a culmination of events and moments that had a very profound impact on my life. When I started attending WWHS in Sept of '86 it was days after the burial of my mother - which to this day almost no one knew. I was very withdrawn at the time and there were several individuals who although I was new to the school made me feel welcomed. If you happen to read this memoir and I'm certain you will remember who you are - I want to say thank you for being nice.

Although I want to thank all of my teachers, there was especially, one particular teacher, Mr. Ivan Folkes who inspired me to pursue my choice profession of accounting. Although he is not with us today to see the fruit of his labor, I want to say thank you to all educators for doing what you do. Eventhough it may see very thankless you are doing us all a GREAT service !!!!!!!

So please on behalf of myself accept this sincere thank you from my entire generation to all past present and future educators of Woodrow Wilson High School - first :-) ............. and all the other educators everywhere !!!!!

May God continue to provide you the grace to pursue your passion !!!!!!!!!

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