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We will produce major gains in
student achievement and
ultimately, success for our
students, by maintaining
high expectations,
engaging students in...

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Attention Staff & Families: WWHS to Reopen on May 2, 2017
Woodrow Wilson High School, including the Camelot program, and School Based Youth Services Daycare will open tomorrow, Tuesday, May 2. Staff and students should report to WWHS at their normal time.
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Woodrow Wilson Closed Today: May 1, 2017
Due to an overnight fire in part of the school, Woodrow Wilson is closed today. All other CCSD schools will be open on a normal schedule today.
Woodrow Wilson Water Quality Results
Keeping our students safe is our number one priority. That’s why the School District recently tested every single water source in schools and office buildings to see if there are potentially unhealthy levels of lead in the water. The results are now available, click here to learn more.
Heath & Resource Fair - Thurs., Oct. 20th @ Dudley Grange Park - 3:30-7PM

Celebrate the Autumn season at Dudley Grange Park! Join us for demonstrations, health screenings, interactive stations, and giveaways. Visit our vendors, educators, and service providers to connect with local resources, receive information and education, and enter to win a gift basket. All ages are welcome! DJ, bounce house, face painting, balloon animals, hair wrapping, games, activities, prizes, and hot food. Don’t miss it!
Attention Families: Early Dismissal at Woodrow Wilson High School on September 21
Due to issues with the municipal water system, Woodrow Wilson High School will dismiss at 1:00 p.m. on Wednesday, September 21. All after-school programming at Woodrow Wilson High School is also cancelled. All other Camden City School District schools will remain in session until the end of the day. Woodrow Wilson is planning to open as scheduled tomorrow morning; if that plan changes, you will be sent another message.
Attention Families: Delayed Opening at Woodrow Wilson High School on Tuesday, September 13
Due to ongoing repairs with the municipal water system, Woodrow Wilson High School will operate under a delayed opening on Tuesday, September 13. Woodrow Wilson staff should report for a 9:30 a.m. start time and Woodrow Wilson students should report for a 10:00 a.m. start time. All other Camden City School District schools will begin at their normally scheduled time.
Why I Educate and Inspire - Featuring Ms. Susan Rathgeber - Math Teacher

I chose teaching Math because I feel that having a clear understanding of how to solve problems -- of many different types and in many different formats -- is an essential life skill.
Why I Educate and Inspire - Featuring Ms. Celia Delgado - English Teacher

I come from a long tradition of educators who believe that the biggest calling in life is to serve others. My life is driven by those convictions and I live life accordingly, as a professional and as a member of the human race. I want to be a permanent footprint in the lives of those who I have the opportunity to serve.
Why I Educate and Inspire - Featuring Ms. Linda Moore - English Teacher

I educate and inspire because of my passion to be a light in young people’s lives. I realized through my wonderful parents that no one can take your knowledge away from you. It has been my desire to be a teacher and share the joy of learning so students are inspired to follow their dreams.
Featuring Mr. Kevin Waters, Counselor - Why I Educate and Inspire...

I want to demystify the idea our students are less than students in a charter. I am a product of this school and the education taught in our district. I believe our students can achieve the highest ideals in their lives.
Featuring Mr. Dave Bartlett, Social Studies Teacher - Why I Educate and Inspire...

Teaching kids to learn how to learn is highly rewarding. On graduation day, reflecting back on their first 9th grade day and all they have learned, and all they have become is just about the most rewarding thing a teacher can enjoy. This is why I teach. To help kids learn how to be high achieving adults with sound work and life morals and ethics.
Featuring Mr. Keith Howell, History Teacher - Why I Educate and Inspire...

I am a role model to the many African American and Latino students on a daily basis. The vast majority of my students are without a father in their home life. I, as an educator incorporate the many principles of fatherhood.
Featuring Mr. Jeff Silver, Social Studies Teacher - Why I Educate and Inspire...

I strive to instill in my students the necessary qualities to be good human beings. Teaching social studies is more than learning dates and regurgitating facts. Its all about understanding the mistakes and lessons of the past for the betterment of the future. If my students leave my classroom better people than they came in, then my goal has been attained.
Featuring Ms. Pia Garbutt, English Teacher - Why I Educate and Inspire...

I teach because as a child growing up in an urban environment in New Jersey, I had strong role models in my high school in Newark, NJ who inspired me to work hard and become successful in life. I wanted to do the same thing that these strong women did for me.
Featuring Mr. Thomas Levy, English Teacher - Why I Educate and Inspire...

I wholeheartedly believe that it is my responsibility to provide my students with best opportunities possible to flourish in their educational endeavors as well as to prepare them to be active participants in a 21st century global economy in which so many of our urban youth are left out of. My goal is to guide them to think critically about the world around them, solve real-world problems, to think outside the box and to ask thought provoking questions.
Featuring Ms. Volga Press, English Teacher - Why I Educate and Inspire...

I feel it is a privilege to teach students to become an independent, discerning and educated person who will be able to access information to support himself/herself in life. It is part of my role as a teacher to give students tools with which to “fish” and “feed” themselves.
I educate students to try and do better every day. Every day is a new day full of opportunities for improvement.
Featuring Mr. Roland Patterson, Physics Teacher - Why I Educate and Inspire...

I started teaching 10 years ago when my 3 children were just starting middle school.
I realized how important it was that they get a good education, and also every other child. I wanted to share my knowledge, enthusiasm for learning and experience working for a multi-national electronics company.
Featuring Ms. Lynette Washington, Math Teacher - Why I Educate and Inspire...

I am inspired to teach because I want to make a difference in the lives of students. I am passionate about education, and I know there is a direct connection to the value of our students’ future and the community in which they live. Although I am a math teacher; being a teacher, affords me to build unique lifelong relationships with our young people and it allows me to influence students properly.
Featuring Ms. Patricia Pinzino, Algebra Teacher - Why I Educate and Inspire...

I feel that it is my responsibility to motivate and build confidence in each student in order to make that happen. Once that is achieved, my students feel differently and are willing to work harder to solve problems. Then, comes my reward.
Woodrow Wilson's First Ever Online Newspaper Debuts!

Woodrow Wilson High School has rolled out a new online newspaper! The staff, a group of talented and charismatic students, plan to add to school culture and present a positive perspective reflective of the student population.
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