The Counseling Office, located on the main floor (M-13) is always open to those who seek assistance. each student is assigned a guidance counselor who will provide information and services for the student. Students, parents, and staff are encouraged to discuss matters related to the students progress, student educational needs, student social needs, and student emotional need with the assigned guidance counselor.

Guidance services include: individual counseling, group conferences, counseling for disruptive and disaffected students, scheduling classes, provision of career awareness, assistance with securing employment, provision of valuable resources for scholarships, assistance with college applications, and counseling to help with personal problems.

To see your counselor during class time, you must have an arranged appointment slip, which will be sent to your homeroom or classroom by your guidance counselor. You may see your counselor at any time before homeroom, during lunch or after school, provided you have a hail pass from the counselor, from the teacher or from an administrator along with your school identification card/badge.

We strongly encourage parents and students together to become an active part of the course selection process. For your reference, guideline of approximate dates in the selection process in included:

Do you have to go to college to be successful in life?

January Counselors meet with students for course selection
June Tentative schedules reviewed by student
July Schedules review/deadline for possible changes
September Students begin scheduled classes

If you have any questions about course selection, please contact the guidance office at (856) 966-5227.

Two detailed and practical handbooks are available through the guidance office, The College Handbook and The Vocational Handbook. In addition to the handbooks, counselors utilizes software programs, to orient juniors to these concepts: planning for college, college choice, college costs, financial aid and applying for college. Counselors arrange PSAT, SAT and advancement testing reservations for students. They provide sample test questions for tests, also.


Students are welcome to use the library before and after school, and during their lute period. Of course, students are expected to behave appropriately and maintain an atmosphere conducive to quiet study and research.

The school library is designed to support the academic curriculum and to serve as a material center for students. What ever course you have selected as your major interest, the resources of the library will help to supply your reading and research needs. Students not planning a college career will find that proper use of the school library will provide assistance in a public library when selecting books for self- education and/or for self improvement, for hobbies and for recreational reading. Students have access to computers for reference, for word processing and for on-line searches. A variety of materials is available: however, all materials must be checked out at the circulation desk. Students are expected to observe rules regarding use of the library.

Library Hours
8:00am-8:l5am (no passes needed)
8:15am-dismissal (teacher pass needed)
After school (no pass)

Students going to the library from lunch must report to the library within the designated time period. Students with identification cards/badges will be admitted based on space availability. Classes and students with passes from a teacher and lID cards/badge will be give first priority. Suggestions for new purchases are always welcome.


The Tigers Lair provides free health services to students between the ages of 13 and 19. The program is sponsored by the Camden County Division of Health in conjunction with the Camden City Board of Education under a grant from the State of New Jersey Department of human Services. Certified staff members are available during school hours, including a physician during two mornings each week. In addition to regular health services, the staff members provide a program of planned parenthood, counseling services, and overall health advice by a nutritionist. Students under the age of 19 must have a parent/guardian consent form on file to utilize the services.


The Board of Education supplies the students with all necessary textbooks. Students are then responsible for the proper handling and care of the books assigned them. Teachers will complete book receipts and students are liable for lost or damaged books. when a student loses a book, the loss must be reported to the subject teacher. The teacher will allow reasonable time to locate the book. If the lost book is not found, the teacher will report the missing book to the office as an obligation and the student must pay for the book. if the book is later found, the student will present a receipt for the paid book, and the main office will issue a refund for your money.


Students are obligated to pay for all those items, which have been lost or damaged, which have been issued by the school, uniforms included. Failure to meet obligations during a given year will stay on the student�s record until such obligations are met.

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