Academic Requirements

State graduation requirements and the local requirements apply to all students in Woodrow Wilson High School. To graduate with a state-endorsed diploma, a student must have taken and passed a program which includes the following courses taken over the four years of high school.:

  • 4 years of English
  • 4 years of Health and Physical education
  • 3 years of Math
  • 2 years of History
  • 1 year Global Studies
  • 2 years of Science
  • 1 year of Fine and Performing Arts
  • A student must pass all parts of the 11th grade HSPT

To move from one homeroom grade level to a higher honoree grade level, students in grade 9-12 are required to pass the course requirements ass determined by a credit system. The number of credits earned is determined by the number of periods that a class is held each week. The minimum credit requirements necessary for promotion are as follows:

    • from 11th to 19th grade: 27.5 credits
    • from 10th to 11th grade: 55.0 credits
    • from 11th to 12th grade: 75.0 credits


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  • to graduate from high school: 110.0 credits

Plus successful completion of all parts of the 11th grade HSPA


9th: 1999
Grad: 2003
9th: 2000
Grad: 2004
9th: 2001
Grad: 2005
9th: 2002
Grad: 2006
A. Language Arts Literacy 20 Credits 20 Credits 20 Credits 20 Credits
B. Health and Physical Education 20 Credits 20 Credits 20 Credits 20 Credits
C. Mathematics 15 Credits 15 Credits 15 Credits 15 Credits
D. Science 10 Credits 15 Credits 15 Credits 15 Credits
E. Social Studies
5-Golbal Studies
5-U.S. History 1
5-U.S. History 2
15 Credits 15 Credits 15 Credits 15 Credits
F. Visual, Performing &
Practical Arts
5 Credits 5 Credits 10 Credits 10 Credits
G. World Language N/A N/A 10 Credits 10 Credits
Required Subject Area
Credits Neede To Graduate
85 90 105 105
Credit Attempted 140 140 140 140
Electives 55 50 35 35
Other Graduation Requrements:

  • Students must pass all other graduation requirements including:
    • Pass the High School Proficiency Assessment or SRA Process
    • Earn 110 Credits

Based on a normal school year of 180 days, the Camden Board of Education requires a minimum of 162 days in attendance for a secondary student to earn course credit at the end of the year. Course credit will be denied any student with more than eighteen (18) days unexcused absences. Students who do not have the required attendance will not receive course credit and will jeopardize their graduation dates. Violating the district attendance policy will place a student in jeopardy of losing course credit for the school year, no matter that the grade of record is a passing grade.

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