Principal's Message
Welcome to a new school year. I hope you enjoyed your summer and you are prepared to begin a successful academic year filled with countless opportunities for learning. I am excited and enthusiastic about the 2012-2013 school year. We have so much ahead of us this year, which will require the support, work and dedication from the students, staff, parents and community. As student achievement will entail the collective efforts of all stakeholders.

This transformational year will require the engagement of the entire school community. Our team will focus on the critical work of educating students by “Exceeding Expectations and Expecting Excellence,” refusing to let any student fail by eliminating any barrier or obstacle, which hinders their success. As the principal of Woodrow Wilson High School, I understand this responsibility begins with leadership, which must be focused, bold, tenacious, inclusive and committed. However, with all certainty it will require all stakeholders to ensure every student receives a quality education and opportunities to develop as individuals.

Woodrow Wilson High School is a historical school filled with pride, tradition and excellence. This institution of learning is a cornerstone of the community with a focus of being a school of choice for the students and families. This vision of a school of choice is based on three important components: rigorous academics, school climate and culture and partnerships. The team of Woodrow Wilson High School will provide every student with academic readiness, which begins in the classroom with rigorous instruction. The climate and culture of the school is the responsibility of everyone. As a team we must create and sustain a school where teaching and learning is maximized in a welcoming, safe and inclusive environment for every student, staff member and parent. Finally, educating our students requires the engagement of the entire community. Community engagement is essential in the preparation of our students to be successful contributing members of our global society.

The critical work of education requires parental engagement. Parents are our partners. Success hinges on the full participation of every parent. The students, teachers, administration and entire community require the support in ensuring all students attend school daily and are on time. We need our parents to ensure every student is respectful, responsible and dedicated to working hard to achieve. Parents are the critical element in making Woodrow Wilson High the school of choice.


Lisa Thomas
Woodrow Wilson High School